Legend of the Warsnail Characters

Heroic Defenders of the Forest

Arthur, the Warsnail Arthur, the Warsnail
A young Snail who dreams to become a Forest Knight one day. When he is gifted with the powers of his ancestor, king Boreas, he is transformed into the mighty Warsnail. Armed with magic armor and a powerful cannon, he faces the army of bugs lead by the evil Queen Selene.

Aurora, leader of the Forest Knights Aurora, leader of the Forest Knights
A young slug princess who gave up her inheritance to become a Forest Knight. She quickly rose through the ranks due to her high intelligence and fighting skills. She became the youngest warrior to ever lead the Forest Knights. In these days of darkness it is up to her to mount the defense against the advancing bug army. At first skeptical of Arthur's role in the war she has learned to appreciate his dedication as a Forest Knight.

The Flower Fairy The Flower Fairy
The Flower Fairy is the oldest being in the forest. He is tasked with guarding the wild magic in the Heart of the Forest and keeping the world in balance. He is the founder and spiritual adviser of the Forest Knights. While not as strong as he has was before the wild magic was removed from the world, his strong connection to the forest still allows him to perform astonishing feats of magic.

Evil Bug Army

Selene, Queen of the Bugs Selene, Queen of the bugs
When her older sister assumed the throne, Selene was sent to the Forest Knights as a political envoy. There she was able to steal ancient scrolls of magic lore from the inner sanctum of the Flower Fairy. She discovered a forbidden way to extract bound magic from the souls of living beings. When she was found out, she fled the realm of the Forest Knights and went back to the kingdom of the bugs. There she killed her sister and assumed the throne. She preyed on the souls of her own people to gain the magic powers she needed to start a new war with the forest. It is her goal to release the wild magic from the Heart of the Forest and use it to become the most powerful wizard who ever lived.

The Buglord The Bug Lord
The being now known as the Bug Lord was one of the first supporters of Queen Selene back when she was still a young princess. For his loyalty his soul was spared. Instead the Bug Queen magically increased his powers to make him the strongest warrior of all the bugs. He now leads her armies in the conquest of the forest.

Bug Soldiers Bug Soldiers
With most of their soul stripped away by the Bug Queen Selene, the bugs have become limited in wit and individuality. But their missing sense of self makes them dedicated soldiers who will stop at nothing to carry out their queen's will. What they lack in skill they compensate with their great numbers and toughness.